Developing Young Leaders for Strong, Stable Business

Last month on the blog we talked about the importance of focusing on creating an asset out of your team as a whole rather than focusing too much on individuals. Employees will come and go, but by developing a pipeline of staff members who are constantly ready to progress forward as gaps form, you’ll find that your business goes from strength to strength with a great level of stability.

Nurturing young talent is really all about giving people space to thrive. Read on for 3 ideas on how to recognise and nurture your team members, no matter what rank.

1. Focus on skills development.

If you’re hiring young people who are driven and ambitious, it is likely they are looking for room to grow. Provide your employees with the resources, time and encouragement to continually develop their skill sets and not only will you have a more confident group of people, but also a smarter one.

Areas of development shouldn’t be limited to the specific tasks for which your employees have been hired. Consider a holistic approach that involves skills in work-life balance, time management, communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

2. Give your young leaders the opportunity to grow their confidence with responsibility.

It may seem counterproductive to trust your youngest employees with high-stakes tasks, but the reality is that these tasks could turn out to be a great opportunity for growth. People often meet the expectations of those around them. If they are expected to behave in a substandard way, they will — if they are expected to achieve highly, they will. Take some time to learn the psychology behind how expectations affect people and use this to motivate your employees to grow.

3. Mentor.

Another great way to encourage growth is to be willing to come alongside your team members as a mentor. If you have been in the business for a long time, you will no doubt have valuable experience to impart. Give your employees the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Meet them where they are at and commit to teaching what you know, rather than worrying about sharing your trade secrets. Loyalty begets loyalty. You may be surprised at how this kind of intentional time can empower your team.

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