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Running your own accounting blog starts with writing quality content that will engage your target audience.  However, without proper dissemination, your ideas will not get the full exposure they deserve. Look for two types of platforms, one that allows you publish your content and another to help get the word out and link to that blog as much as possible.

If you are technically inclined, you can register  a unique URL domain (for example yourname.com.au) and build a blog themed website using WordPress. You can also purchase and install quality blog themes that will make your blog look like a million dollar corporate blog for only $40-$50.

If you are not a technical IT guru, there are also plenty of free and easy to use blogging platforms. The one most people use is LinkedIn Pulse. Not only does it not require any technical skills to publish your content, but you will already have an active audience.  If other accounting and finance professionals like, share and comment on your Pulse content, it won’t take long to build a dedicated audience. LinkedIn Pulse also functions similar to Twitter in that you can reach a much wider audience of readers than your own circle of connections and followers.

For a full guide on how to publish on LinkedIn Pulse, visit: http://bit.ly/2xtNlO7

Twitter limits the number of characters you can include in a tweet so obviously it’s unsuitable for publishing a blog. However, it is great at sharing links and thereby driving traffic to your blog. Let’s say you’ve just published your blog on LinkedIn Pulse and you’re attracting likes and positive feedback, you can then build on the momentum by tweeting a link to that Blog on LinkedIn Pulse using your personal twitter account. Make sure to include hashtags such as #blog or #accounting otherwise nobody will see your tweet show up in their Twitter news feed when they search for accounting related tweets. Don’t forget to create a eye-catching Blog title to maximise the likelihood of people clicking on your blog.

Other great platforms for dissemination I have found to work include public forums such as Reddit and Quora. Reddit can be a bit of a bearpit so be careful where you post your blog link but there are various subreddits for both accounting and Australian finance audiences. Some of these are:




Quora is a lot more cerebral than reddit.  Where reddit is useful for redirecting people to your blog on LinkedIn, use Quora to answer people’s questions. Getting involved in Quora is one of the most rewarding ways to engage with other finance professionals on a global level and helps to build your personal brand as an expert in a certain field. People in the accounting section of Quora are asking high level questions every single day. Answer their questions if you have the knowledge or are able to help and then link to a blog you have written in the past if that content is relevant to the question asked by the Quora user.

For accounting questions and topics on Quora visit:







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