Expanding your networks with recruitment

Imagine having someone on your side when commencing your job search process who can assist you every step of the way? Recruiters can be that essential ally needed to mitigate the risk associated with moving between jobs. Just as recruiters work hard at building relationships with the people they work with, so should you. If you’re a recruiter’s favourite candidate it means they will become passionate advocates throughout your career development and will develop a greater understanding of your own skillset over time. If you’re a recruiter’s favourite candidate it means you have someone who is an absolute believer in your career trajectory and will go above and beyond in assisting you to make the right move. Even if they can’t help you, your recruiter can introduce or refer you onto others in their professional circles who might be able to help out with a role.

So how can you become your recruiter’s favourite candidate? Ammunition. Recruiters are there to market your abilities to the clients they work with but if you can help make that process as easy as possible you will dramatically increase your chances of landing a job.

What counts as ammunition in recruitment? For a start, you’ll be good at what you do and able to communicate this. Lacking the skillset for the roles you’re targeting in the market is not going to get you far. How can a recruiter represent you to their own clients if your skills aren’t in alignment with the role on offer through that client? Make sure your resume is an honest and true representation of your skills and abilities. Only list what you have had exposure, to not what you aspire to do or have only experimented or trialled. For example, only list SAP as a system you have experience if you have worked on SAP as part of your role within the organisation. Assisting someone else working on SAP without any prior exposure to that system for a few days does not qualify as formal SAP experience. If you are studying toward a CPA, indicate you are in the process of completing a CPA, don’t list CPA without any context as it can give the impression you are already fully qualified. Finally, know your job title. If your official job title is Assistant Accountant put it down as such, don’t write “Accountant” as that simplification can also potentially lead to some confusion and misrepresent your skillset.

Curating  excellent references is another must do. While employed, seek out and build relationships with people in your organisation who can offer detailed insight into your abilities and manner around the office. Ideally, your referees should be aware they are listed down as such and to expect a phone call at some point. Referees will ideally either be a direct or indirect manager, not a colleague or friend. You’ll also have excellent written and verbal communication. Ensure your online reputation is solid too. According to Workology, 51% of companies are googling candidates who are applying for roles in addition to conducting reference checks.  This represents a massive shift in qualifying candidates compared to ten years ago where a reference check phone call or two were sufficient. As unfair as it may seem, you will be judged on your Facebook profile or Twitter account as much as you will be judged on your LinkedIn profile.

Lastly, focus on good communication. Good written and verbal communication is professional and professional candidates are highly sought after by any decent recruiter. If you stick to these basic points you can work your way into a recruiter’s good books and have a valuable ally in your corner when you need their support.

If you are an Accounting/Finance Professional interested in exploring new opportunities in the Brisbane market we’d love to hear from you on (07) 3135 9780. I also encourage you to join our private LinkedIn network Accounting & Finance Professionals in Brisbane (click here). As you probably are aware we do move quite quickly on the roles we recruit for so it pays to stay ahead of the competition. Our group is an exclusive community I am building up for Finance Professionals in Brisbane who want to share job search opportunities, industry news, blogs and other content. You’ll also have an opportunity to network with each other. You might even come across some people you have worked with in the past!

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