Have you been using your personal networks

Finding the right job may require you to use multiple channels from using your own personal networks, responding to job advertisements or meeting with a recruiter.

If you decide you need to engage the services of a recruitment specialist, the recruiter will be evaluating you carefully but you should also be evaluating the recruiter to make sure they are likely to help you.

Although most recruiters will be reluctant to tell you exactly how many placements they have made, you should still be able to qualify them with a couple of effective questions. Following are questions you can build into the interview process when meeting with a recruiter regarding a specific role:

1) How many people have you actually placed into the business in the past?

If the recruiter has not actually done a lot of work with the business previously, you will need to probe further about how much they know about the business. The more knowledgeable the recruiter is, the more likely they are to manage the process effectively to get a good result for everyone.

2) Are you able to give examples of the roles you have actually placed in the last six months?

A lot of recruiters will try tell you about all the jobs they have heard of or worked on. If you really want to measure your recruiters’ success, base your questions on what they have actually accomplished.

3) Are you dealing directly with the line manager of the role?

I have typically found the most effective way to ensure a good result is to work directly with line managers. Depending on the processes of our clients, some business will ask for a recruiter to only deal with HR or an internal recruiter. If the external recruiter has not spoken or dealt with the Line Manager it will be very difficult for them to build credibility into your capabilities. From feedback I have received from candidates this can in many cases lead to false hope depending on how the recruiter communicates with you.

4) Can you commit me to an interview with the business or do you need to discuss my background with the line manager first?

In most situations, if a recruiter is running the process properly, it will be the recruiter who commits you to an interview and not the Client. It should be the recruiter determining your suitability for the role and not the Client. After all, it is the recruiter who has met with you and is the one able to make an informed decision on who will be shortlisted for the role.

5) How many other recruiters are working on this role?

The answer to this question should tell you heaps. Some recruiters will work on a retainer which means they get paid for the work they do but it also means that the role is probably with them exclusively. If the recruiter is working on the role along with multiple other recruiters, their ability to manage the process to get a good result for you will be significantly less, as other recruiters will also be sending more candidates.

6) How long have you been recruiting in this market for?

One of the key challenges for any new recruiter is building their credibility and a network of clients. If someone has only been recruiting for a few months in a new area, you may want to ask yourself how well positioned they will be to support you.

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