How to tackle the work-life balance

In recent years, the awareness of mental health has come to the forefront of our attention in Australia and abroad. There has been a movement towards openness and understanding of what mental health is and the value of being attentive to it, particularly in the workplace.

In the wake of this movement, ‘work-life balance’ has been a hot topic for discussion and in 2019, it seems to be the question on everyone’s lips… How do I manage a healthy work-life balance? Can I continue to advance in my career, work hard, and yet still have time to relax and prioritise things outside of my job?

In a recent study conducted by LinkedIn on the career struggles of working adults, the two highest rated challenges listed were finding work-life balance and managing workload.

Making sure we are happy and healthy both inside and outside of work is vitally important and yet it can sometimes feel like an awkward balancing act. It is necessary to remember that there is no perfect balance, no precise formula or fool-proof set of steps to take. Capita says, “Don’t strive for the perfect schedule; strive for a realistic one… Balance is achieved over time, not each day.”

To get the journey started, we’ve highlighted a few suggestions that will help bring some balance to your busy work-schedule:



No one else knows what you need better than you do. It could look different week to week but find what is relaxing and fun for you and make time to do it. Whether it’s reading, hiking, watching a new series, taking a bath, cooking etc. scheduling in time for yourself like you’d schedule in time for a meeting or task is important. It can feel strange, but so often if we don’t intentionally mark out time, it gets passed over or pushed aside for all the other ‘stuff’ that undoubtedly comes up.



It is now widely understood that humans need connection, not just to thrive but also to survive. Psychotherapist, Dann Roberts says we are so wired for connection that it is actually equal to our need for food, water and warmth.

A common misconception is that the amount of people you are physically around every day determines the amount of connection you have. In fact, you could be surrounded by people all day at work, on public transport etc. and still feel a lack in this area. This is because it’s the quality of connection that is valuable. Thought-sharing, fun-having, vulnerable connection with a few key people helps us to feel a sense of belonging and value.


This one is simple. We live in an age where we can be surrounded by different forms of technology for literally 24 hours a day and yet still feel lonely and out of touch. Switching off from technology, even for an hour a day, can help us to be present, stay engaged with what’s in front of us and better connect with the people around us. A pro-tip is switching off an hour before bedtime to help our brains wind down and train our bodies that it’s time for rest and sleep.



When we spend so much of our day thinking about how to solve issues, reading through numbers, talking about projects and work goals, it is difficult to stop these thought processes when we head home from the office. It takes practice to learn to switch off from work mode and can feel counter-intuitive to achieving success. The practice of leaving work at work, however, can be beneficial to our success because it reduces burnout and allows us to come into work refreshed, focused and rejuvenated, rather than exhausted and scattered.

On the occasion that you do have that genius idea that comes to you just before your head hits the pillow, we suggest having a notepad that you write the idea on so you can dive into it first thing in your next day.

There’s no time like right now to start making some changes to your routine and habits to help improve your work-life balance. Have fun with it, try things out, and find that something really works for you.

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