Knowing When To Outsource

Being multi-skilled is a beautiful thing. If you’re in a senior role in your company, chances are you’re across a variety of skills: accounting, hiring, leadership, the list goes on. However, there comes a time when micro-managing tasks isn’t beneficial to you or your business.

Think about this: you could spend 3 hours trying to understand social media algorithms only to create sub-standard posts that don’t meet your target demographic, or you could pay an expert for one hour and get the job done well. If you can make more money in that one hour than it takes to pay the expert you’ve hired, it becomes an excellent financial decision.

You should never outsource your core competency. However, if a task falls into the category of A) things you hate doing, B) things you can’t do yourself or C) things you should not be doing, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Here are 5 outsourcing opportunities that could help your business grow.

1. General virtual assistance.

Is your business still in the early stages of growth? You may not be able to afford a full time assistant, but could definitely still benefit from the help of a VA. Virtual assistants can give you a hand with anything from inbox maintenance, client management systems, database building, receptionist duties, and much more.

2. Graphic design.

There’s a strong chance you don’t have hundreds of hours to invest into learning Photoshop or how to create a print mail out, but you still want your business to grow. Consider investing into a local freelance graphic designer to create some professional marketing pieces for your team or give your website a fresh look.

3. Content writing.

These days we’re all aware of the importance of Google rankings, search engine optimisation, and more — but you may not completely understand how it works and how it could transform your business. For example — did you know that publishing blog posts to your website will increase your Google ranking?

Engage your audience with great content to win over clients, improve your SEO ranking and maintain a professional brand. Content writers can create many things that will boost your business: press releases, blog posts, brochures, how-to guides, style guides, and more.

4. Social Media

Ah, social media. If anything captures the zeitgeist of 21st-century marketing, it’s this desperate need to be active on social media even if you don’t know how to. If you’re reading this paragraph and nodding, it may be time to hire someone to give you a hand. It seems superficial, but social media really has become an essential part of the media landscape and business growth. The right person will understand how to get your content noticed and how to use this tool to bring in more profit for you. They may be worth their weight in gold.

5. Recruiting.

“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.” — Anonymous.

Unless you work as a recruiter, you’re likely not an expert in this field. At worst, recruiting is chucking an advertisement up on Seek and crossing your fingers. At best, recruiting is a grueling and intensely time-consuming process that carefully balances timing, research, effort, and the right network. We understand how intensive this process truly is and the toll it can take when you attempt to undertake it in-house. Choose a recruiter who specialises in your particular field for the best results. This way you can maximise on a specialised database and niche expertise. You might just find yourself with an incredibly strong team and equally excellent output. Your people will determine your business trajectory.

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