Meet Bailey Pablo

Whiz kid Bailey Pablo is Abacus Human Capital’s Recruitment Consultant, which means he’s the guy you’ll be meeting with if you’re a candidate looking for a finance position, or a client looking to hire your next professional. When you first meet Bailey you’ll notice how quick he is on his feet, and if you have the time to get to know him, you’ll put together that he combines this quick wit with deep calculation. Also, if you’re ever in the office feel free to say hi to him in Spanish, English, Papiamento or Dutch — he’s fluent in all four languages.

Bailey was born in Southport here in Australia, but grew up in the small Caribbean island of Aruba. He first developed his love of business while working in his parent’s souvenir shop. His mum would pop out to run an errand and leave little Bailey free to make deals with passing by tourists at his own discretion. It was here that Bailey first got a taste for the art of the deal.

“My mum would bring me to meetings with her suppliers knowing that I would barter very hard. She’d use me as her bartering tool. I’d always be, ‘no, that’s not a good deal, we need this,’ and because I was there they actually did give my mum a better deal.”

Bailey’s ambition has only grown since those early days. Since beginning to study finance and business further, Bailey decided it was time to take the leap of faith and leave his comfortable career in hospitality for a position in the corporate world. It was through this process that he discovered Abacus Human Capital and the world of finance recruiting.

“What surprises me the most about recruitment is that it comes down to the people you are dealing with. It’s not a transactional environment. Not like we have an item and they want that — it’s very much about relationship building. It’s all about the relationships you establish and how that can flourish. It can either make you or break you.”

According to Bailey, Abacus Human Capital thrives based on this foundation of putting people first. This is evidenced not only in the relationships between staff and clients, but also within the way team members are encouraged to work with one another. “We’re encouraged to think laterally. It’s a very supportive team environment with lots of space for development.”

With such a strong desire to achieve success it’s no surprise that Bailey enjoys shows like Suits and Billions in his down time. He’s also a very social being and enjoys jetting off to the beach on weekends.

I ask Bailey what he would tell his younger self if given the chance: “I’d tell myself the winning lotto ticket numbers, or put all my money into cryptocurrency.” His answer makes me laugh because the practicality of it is both surprising and also so in line with what I know of this calculated risk-taker.

In the future Bailey aspires to be an influential millionaire. He carries his excitement about growing businesses with him throughout his work each day, and looks up to firm director Steven Lane for his experience and willingness to share what he knows.

Bailey knows that this kind of aspiration requires a different style of living, but will never stop challenging himself to grow. “I always like to think of how we can do something better, or bring my own little twist.” It’s this spirit that makes Bailey such an integral part of the team.

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