Meet Recruitment Consultant, Joeri Pohan


Joeri Pohan (pronounced “you-ree”) is Abacus Human Capital’s newest Recruitment Consultant in our Permanent Division which means he’ll be helping you hire the best candidates on the market for permanent roles or finding you a dream accounting position.

Joeri is an adventurer at heart and a huge people person which fits perfectly with his ability to chat with people in three different languages – Dutch, English, and German.

With an Indonesian father and Dutch mother, Joeri was born in the Netherlands where he lived for 33 years before moving out to Australia, freshly married and ready to embark on a new adventure down under.

Joeri would say he has been “development and opportunity” driven from a young age which has meant he’s refined his skillsets while pursuing quite a diverse range of passions. After finishing his Business Degree, he went on to acquire a Bachelor of Theatre and created his own theatre business that he ran successfully for four years. He then moved onto his next challenge as an F&B manager of the Royal Arts Museum in The Hague, which was the center of international royal delegates.

Joeri managed large teams in the hospitality industry for almost 12 years before deciding it was time to learn something new and use his background and skill set in a more corporate environment. This is what led him to the exciting career of recruitment.

When asked why he chose recruitment, Joeri explained, “With strengths in building up relationships with stakeholders, having an accounting background and being able to use my interpersonal and soft skills to expand my network, I saw this new opportunity as a match for the next step in my career.”

In his spare time, Joeri is Mr. Active. You could find him going for a run throughout the week, working out, playing squash, using his black-belt in Taekwondo or at a salsa dancing class which has become a new passion of his.

“The great thing about salsa is that you make a lot of connections by doing something very social.” When he has time, he also loves to cook a traditional Asian meal for his wife and salsa friends.

I asked Joeri what he would change if he could go back to when he was 20 and he said, “Nothing. I think I have done everything I was supposed to do and wanted to do walking my career and life path.”

That kind of confidence is what we love about Joeri and you can bet it translates into his work at Abacus Human Capital and is what makes him such an asset to the team.

Connect with Joeri on LinkedIn, here.

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