The Art of Seduction

Attracting quality candidates to your organisation is not as simple as arranging interviews and making a hiring call. Many hiring managers will rely on their company’s name to attract potential employees but top candidates are usually well entrenched in their current role and more discerning about new opportunities.

Following are three key focus points to help maximise candidate engagement:

1. Develop an Employer Brand

Do you have a clear and well-developed employer brand that you can communicate to candidates? In our experience, most company interviews focus on the day to day elements of what candidates will be responsible for in a new role. However, candidates are most engaged through discussions of a company’s vision and the quality of management than they are by their daily responsibilities.

If you are actively looking to attract the best talent in the market, you need to ensure you can really communicate what some of the advantages of working in your organisation. Things that can influence this include:

  • Plans to grow or protect market share

  • New opportunities for the business

  • The quality of the product or service your organisation is responsible for

  • The background of senior managers and hiring managers

  • Staff turnover rates

  • Examples of how current staff have been developed into senior management positions

2. Know Your Candidates:

Although you may be bought in to your employer and have a great job opportunity you can take to market, this will be irrelevant if you don’t know what is important to your Candidate? Not only will knowing what is important to your candidate help get a better “fit”, it will also help you to focus on those key levers that make a difference. The best way to understand this is through effective questioning and active listening. Some simple questions to integrate into your interview include:

  • What are the most important things you are looking for in a new role?

  • If we progress to an offer stage, what are your expectations of us as an employer?

  • What are your long-term career aspirations?

3. Run a Quick and Intense Recruitment Process

A candidate’s engagement levels will rise when they first hear about the role and will most often peak directly after meeting you. The faster you can manage a thorough process from start to finish, the more likely you are to ensure a positive outcome. This includes:

  • Ensure the position is formally signed off before you begin the recruitment process

  • Organise to interview suitable candidates as close together as possible

  • Get back to candidates with your feedback following their interview within 24 hours

Slow recruitment processes will typically have an adverse impact on a candidate’s enthusiasm. Even if you are unable to put an offer out to your preferred candidate within a couple of days of meeting him/her, ensure you still follow up regularly over the phone to keep your preferred candidate engaged. You can update them on changes to the business or new projects that can impact their role.

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