Team communication through times of uncertainty

When we ask our candidates and clients what is a struggle for them in this time, team communication and how to manage expectations is the most regular answer. 

In our recent blog on working from home, we highlighted the fact that communication is a key area of focus if you want to thrive in a work from home environment. Obviously, whether you’re at home or in the office together, communication is important. Particularly in this time, creating regular channels for communication and managing staff and team expectations is so vital. 

With that, we’ve highlighted some things to remember for managers and employees to set you up for success in team communication:  

Communication for managers: 

Be consistent even when you don’t know all the answers. 

  • Don’t let a lack of information cause a lack of communication. As a manager in times of uncertainty, consistencin talking with your team, even when you don’t have all the answers, builds trust, and helps to lessen possible anxiety. You might not be able to give exact information on timeframes or future plans for example but showing up and keeping your staff up to date on what you do know, is a powerful way of helping everyone feel on the same page. One way to do this is by making sure you have scheduled times to connect daily. Give your team the room to ask questions, present issues, and give updates. 

Be clear about expectations. 

  • It’s helpful for employees to have clear expectations set out before them. This is especially true when things are not necessarily business as usual. Let them know what you do and don’t expect at this time and give them permission to ask questions. 

Really listen. 

  • This one seems basic, but you may be surprised how many people communicate to be heard and not to hear. Make sure you listen to what your employees are actually saying and create space for them to speak and share their thoughts. Not jumping down their throats when they say something you don’t agree with, is a good start.

Communication for employees: 

Ask questions. 

  • It’s ok to ask questions when you feel uncertain or unclear. Your manager or employer might not have all the answers, but questions show that you are engaged and can help calm any anxiety you may haveThis is also important in making sure you are on the right track in what may be a different work environment than usual. 

Share honestly about how you’re doing.  

  • Now is the time more than ever.  Communicate how you are doing, both in your work and in your mental health is key. When managers are aware of the whole situation, they can properly evaluate the situation and adjust where necessary so speak up! 

Really listen. 

  • This one goes for either side of a conversationCommunicate with the intent to listen and not just talk.  For some life-changing tips on how to become a brilliant active listener, click here.


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