How to interview well in 2020

In many ways, we are walking into unchartered territory in the job market. We’ve recovered from recessions before, but never in a time quite like this. Many of you would have found yourselves out of a job over the last few months and now looking for employment. Others have found yourselves in different working environments than what you’ve been used to. How to interview well in 2020 is key. As we begin to rebuild our economy, jobs are starting to open up and companies are beginning to re-build teams for the second half of 2020 and into the new year 

So what are companies looking for in a new hire in 2020In this job market, what are some things you can do to make yourself stand out as a candidate and secure a new role? 

A helpful way to view the hiring process is to understand that employers are ultimately looking for an answer to their problem. Understand their problem, be the solution. This is something, as recruitment agency, we coach our candidates in when helping them understand a job brief and the company they are interviewing for.  

So how do you interview well in 2020? Here are a few of our top tips to help you be the solution: 


Share your passion 

“…if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”
– Roald Dahl, “My Uncle Oswald” 

This may sound obvious or non-consequential, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that things can change very quickly, and those that have remained inspired and passionate inside and outside a job, have best been able to seek out opportunities and set themselves up for future success. More and more in interviews, employers are looking for people that can inspire themselves as well as others in the workplace. This soft skill is invaluable to an employer dealing with an ever-changing set of scenarios and a range of personalities on a team. In light of this, coming to an interview with aauthentic and uplifting attitude and an ability to demonstrate how you stay self-motivated will bode well for you.  


Share your flexibility and creativity 

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou 

The strength of creativity is that it is always creating – it’s not stagnant. Therefore, there are always options with an employee who is creative and flexible and this is what employers are in search of, especially when the world is changing at such a rapid pace. Your practical skillset and excellence are always important and will certainly help you get your foot in the door, however, in interviews, your ability to think creatively and innovate, is what will set you apart from other candidates in 2020. Jobs and job roles are changing at speed in today’s context so regardless of your role, innovation is quickly becoming a part of every job description and its not just an arbitrary add on.  

Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and remember that it is a two-way street as it’s important for employers to come to the table with options for work flexibility as well, but find ways to express your creativity and your ability to adapt. Another great thing about creativity is that it can be grown and developed so, you can actually teach your brain to extend ideas and explore options.  


Ask Questions 

The smart ones ask when they don’t know. And, sometimes, when they do.”
 – Malcom Forbes

When the employer says, “any questions?” this is not just your chance to find out more about the role (though this is important), but also great opportunity to demonstrate that you know how to ask good questions. First of all, do your research on the company before your interview so you’re not asking questions that you should already know the answer to. A good place to start is to reference some of the research you’ve doneExample: “You mentioned on your website that one of your core values is healthy team culture” how have you gone about creating this the workplace? Don’t ask a question for the sake of it but make sure you have a few questions up your sleeve that highlight areas that matter to you and that you’re interested in the company as a whole and not just in your specific role. 


If you have more questions about interview questions, the job market, or are looking for a new job, feel free to give us a call on (07) 31359780.  

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