6 tips to make your boss want to keep you forever

Accounting and finance teams are crucial to any business, but they are only as effective as the individual employees filling those rolesSo the good news is, you’re already a part of a highly valuable department to your employer.  

The key questionAre you taking the steps to make yourself an indispensable part of the team? 

President of Talent Zoo, Amy Hoover says, “As they say, everyone can be replaced. But to be indispensable means that you are so good and efficient at your job, that your boss and co-workers don’t want to imagine replacing you.” 

Talent speaks volumes, skills are integral, but it’s the extra stuff that will make your boss want to keep you forever. 

 We’ve got 6 tips to help you be the employee your boss doesn’t want to even think about replacing. The secret is, you might actually enjoy your job more, too! 


Be willing to go the extra mile. 


Showing a willingness to help on a project that could use some extra hands, or taking a few tasks ofyour manager’s desk when you have the means to, can go a long way in showing that you are a trustworthy and vital member of the team. 


Make your manager’s job easier. 


It sounds obvious, but it can be easy to forget that your job is to make your manager look like a genius. It can seem counter-intuitive but becoming an employee your boss wants to keep forever is not about promoting yourself, but actually about helping to promote your boss. You don’t need to be clingy but be intentional about ways you can make your manager’s life easier. If they’re winning, you’re winning. 


Bring ideas to the table and be a problem solver. 


Everyone can spot a problem; the people employers want around are the ones who can solve them. If you can see a process that could be more effective or an opportunity not being pursued, bring it to the table. Pick your timing andas to the previous point, do it to makyour boss look like the genius, rather than yourself.  


Add value. 


Think about the tasks you do daily, weekly and monthly and ask yourself, are there ways I could be adding value to what I’m doing? Another question to ask is, are there ways I can add value to what my co-workers are doing? It might be as simple as bringing passion to your project, it might be a word of encouragement to a co-workeror it might be an amazing new initiative that revolutionizes the business – all are valuable. 


Upskill yourself.  


There are always opportunities to upskill yourself. Don’t sit around waiting for your manager to instigate education; take a training course, be proactive in finding updating yourself on new technologies, and always be a learner.   


Be consistent. 


I cannot stress enough how important consistency is. Doing any of the above things one time and thinking it will make you a star employee is not the way this works. It can take time, but a good leader always notices consistency. As Anthony Robbins reminds us: “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” 



If you’re reading this and feeling like you don’t have the motivation to take these steps, it could be because you’re not in a role that that is right for you. Give one of our team a call or check out our listed jobs if you’re interested in pursuing new opportunities.  



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