An Artificial Intelligence Future

It’s the conversation we need to be having whether we’re ready to or not. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us and brings with it some very exciting opportunities and possibilities for the future, as well as inevitable challenges. We recently had a chat with Shaun Hughston, the founder of Agility Automation to talk all things AI and automation … Read more

Managing a Heavy Workload

The chances are that in the three minutes it takes you to read this article, you’ll receive an email adding a task to your ‘to-do’ list, a phone call needing your attention, or an internal communication with a co-worker who has a question for you. Most of us can relate to our days at work often feeling overwhelming before we’ve even sat … Read more

How to tackle the work-life balance

In recent years, the awareness of mental health has come to the forefront of our attention in Australia and abroad. There has been a movement towards openness and understanding of what mental health is and the value of being attentive to it, particularly in the workplace. In the wake of this movement, ‘work-life balance’ has been … Read more

Navigating Difficult Co-workers

Remember those dreaded group-projects in high school where you were put into groups that were not of your choosing? Sometimes walking into our workplaces can feel eerily similar. We haven’t made the hiring decision to work with the people on our team and can be startlingly aware that each co-worker comes with their own personality, work … Read more

Meet Recruitment Consultant, Joeri Pohan

  Joeri Pohan (pronounced “you-ree”) is Abacus Human Capital’s newest Recruitment Consultant in our Permanent Division which means he’ll be helping you hire the best candidates on the market for permanent roles or finding you a dream accounting position. Joeri is an adventurer at heart and a huge people person which fits perfectly with his ability … Read more

Benefits of a Dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division

Benefits of a dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division: Abacus Human Capital has dedicated permanent and temporary divisions to better support the needs of both its candidates and clients. This means that if you are ever looking for a job or to identify great talent for your team, you will be able to work closely with an Abacus Human Capital representative who is better positioned … Read more

Why you should be saying yes to a recruiter.

You’ve just received a call from a recruitment agency who is offering their services to your company. They’re making bold claims about previous placement success and throwing around words like ‘exclusivity’ and ‘premium candidates’. A few questions probably start running through your mind about whether going through a recruiter when a job becomes vacant is … Read more

A Culture of Encouragement

In an increasingly tight job market, many companies who have become complacent in areas of their business are suddenly finding their staff flying out the door to pursue new opportunities in the market. Employee retention directly affects profitability and productivity in your business and is a skill that requires intentionality in building a positive and thriving workplace culture. One of … Read more

Meet Bailey Pablo

Whiz kid Bailey Pablo is Abacus Human Capital’s Recruitment Consultant, which means he’s the guy you’ll be meeting with if you’re a candidate looking for a finance position, or a client looking to hire your next professional. When you first meet Bailey you’ll notice how quick he is on his feet, and if you have … Read more