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Learn to build you career in Accounting with Myers-Briggs

Did you know every person on the planet falls into one of 16 personality types? I can hear you say ‘But I’m an individual, don’t pigeon hole me like that!’ and that is absolutely true. We are, all of us, unique but we do follow similar patterns of behaviour depending on which personality type we fall

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Cloud base accounting revolution

Many organisations today are still focused on concepts such as “core hours” and “afterhours”. In a modern age where skype, the internet and cloud based software enables individual consumers to connect with friends, family and business partners anywhere, anytime, why not also co-workers and line managers? In my experience, many companies are philosophical in agreement with

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Building high performance teams

Great recruiters do a good job matching the right candidates with suitable roles but what happens when you want to take good employees and build them into a high performance team? Having worked across a number of these roles at Abacus in the past six months, I’d like to highlight the importance of recognising talent is

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#Fail – The Dangers of Social Media

Managing your personal brand online is so important these days because whether you’re aware or not, recruiters and potential employers are searching for people like you on social media every day. You might be a great candidate but these people searching online profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn don’t know you personally so for them first

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Maximising workplace productivity

Much has been said about the western world and our culture in recent decades particularly regarding workplace practices. We are seen as out of date and out of touch in a great many areas one of which is workplace productivity. Australians are overcoming the 1980s Paul Hogan “Put another shrimp on the barbie” stereotype which has

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A new app for the future of Capital

When Malcolm Turnbull ascended to the leadership of Australia not so long ago he almost immediately started spruiking the benefits of being innovative and agile and not to be afraid of change. Disruptive innovation embodies the innovation economy better than anything. Think new services such as Uber and how it is disrupting the established Taxi and

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