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Benefits of a Dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division

Benefits of a dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division: Abacus Human Capital has dedicated permanent and temporary divisions to better support the needs of both its candidates and clients. This means that if you are ever looking for a job or to identify great talent for your team, you will be able to work closely with an Abacus Human Capital representative who is better positioned to

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Why you should be saying yes to a recruiter.

You’ve just received a call from a recruitment agency who is offering their services to your company. They’re making bold claims about previous placement success and throwing around words like ‘exclusivity’ and ‘premium candidates’. A few questions probably start running through your mind about whether going through a recruiter when a job becomes vacant is a

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The Importance of Collaboration in the Workplace

“Collaboration” is a bit of a buzzword these days. We hear it all the time coming out of a variety of industries and entrepreneurial magazines, but what does it really mean, why do we need it, and are we harnessing its power effectively in our teams and businesses? Collaboration ultimately means two or more people working

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A Culture of Encouragement

In an increasingly tight job market, many companies who have become complacent in areas of their business are suddenly finding their staff flying out the door to pursue new opportunities in the market. Employee retention directly affects profitability and productivity in your business and is a skill that requires intentionality in building a positive and thriving workplace culture. One of the

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Meet Bailey Pablo

Whiz kid Bailey Pablo is Abacus Human Capital’s Recruitment Consultant, which means he’s the guy you’ll be meeting with if you’re a candidate looking for a finance position, or a client looking to hire your next professional. When you first meet Bailey you’ll notice how quick he is on his feet, and if you have the

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A Career in Recruitment? It’s not what you think.

Let me guess – you haven’t spent most of your life planning for a career in recruitment! Not a lot of people do and yet people who work in recruitment, particularly when recruiting for corporate or commercial businesses, don’t want to leave because there are few career options that are as fast-paced or exciting. ​ I

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