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Balancing work, life, and play: meet Abacus Human Capital’s Director Steven Lane

Steven Lane has had a uniquely interesting career path that involves everything from landscaping in high school to working at his university’s Career Centre to eliminating missile systems in Bulgaria and Iraq. His life has followed a fascinating trajectory that ultimately led him to Australia, where he got a job with an international recruitment firm here in Brisbane. Steven worked with the firm

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Knowing When To Outsource

Being multi-skilled is a beautiful thing. If you’re in a senior role in your company, chances are you’re across a variety of skills: accounting, hiring, leadership, the list goes on. However, there comes a time when micro-managing tasks isn’t beneficial to you or your business. Think about this: you could spend 3 hours trying to understand

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Developing Young Leaders for Strong, Stable Business

Last month on the blog we talked about the importance of focusing on creating an asset out of your team as a whole rather than focusing too much on individuals. Employees will come and go, but by developing a pipeline of staff members who are constantly ready to progress forward as gaps form, you’ll find that

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Four Strategies to Retain Star Employees and Boost Profits

It can be so difficult to find star employees with a solid combination of talent, effort and work ethic. Once your recruiter has helped you hire the perfect pick, it’s important to have strategies in place to retain your strongest team members. ​ By retaining your best people, your hiring costs will go down and productivity

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Should I Make A Video Cover Letter? The Pros & Cons

Job searching can be an arduous marathon ending in a loss of hope after months without success. If you are looking for a way to stand out among your competitors and land great roles in a more efficient manner, consider making a video cover letter. ​ As we discussed last month, video cover letters are a fantastic

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