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7 Tips For Your Video Cover Letter

We are in 2018. It is likely that your news delivery is through your Facebook timeline, you probably have not used snail mail beyond bills for over ten years, and even your grandmother knows how to Facetime. ​ Employers are increasingly requesting video cover letters from their applicants, and for good reason. Put yourself in a

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Learn to tackle tricky interview questions

Tackling those tricky interview questions can be the difference between landing a job or not… Pre-interview preparation is essential but navigating around questions you either don’t have answers for or would rather not elaborate on is the most common stress point for any candidate. It is probably right to say that you have been asked to

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Grow your personal brand with blogging

There are a number of ways you can network with key industry professionals while growing your own personal brand.  One effective channel to help you become recognised as an industry thought leader, is to publish your own blog. Following are a few ideas on how you can go about publishing your own blog content. ​ Running your

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The Art of Seduction

Attracting quality candidates to your organisation is not as simple as arranging interviews and making a hiring call. Many hiring managers will rely on their company’s name to attract potential employees but top candidates are usually well entrenched in their current role and more discerning about new opportunities. ​ Following are three key focus points to

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Securing your future with effective questions

Asking effective questions in an interview is vital if you are to understand and secure the right type of role. As such, it is critical for you to recognise that an interview is as much about you screening a prospective employer and role as it is about a hiring manager screening you.  Asking intelligent and relevant

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How to attract best talent

For this month’s Blog, we have reviewed 12 months of job activity to identify common themes that have adversely impacted the recruitment process for hiring managers and ultimately impacted on hiring managers being able to recruit their preferred candidate. If you are a hiring manager, we hope you can use this information as a rough guide to ensure a smoother

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