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Expanding your networks with recruitment

Imagine having someone on your side when commencing your job search process who can assist you every step of the way? Recruiters can be that essential ally needed to mitigate the risk associated with moving between jobs. Just as recruiters work hard at building relationships with the people they work with, so should you. If you’re a recruiter’s favourite candidate it means they will become passionate

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Risk managing career change

In last month’s blog we explored how to exit a business with professionalism and today’s blog is along similar subject lines. How do you manage risk around leaving? By learning how to avoid making emotive decisions, we can often avoid making poor career decisions. If applying analysis tools to the decision making process, you can logically and systematically arrive at the right

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Exiting business with professionalism

Running your own accounting blog starts with writing quality content that will engage your target audience.  However, without proper dissemination, your ideas will not get the full exposure they deserve. Look for two types of platforms, one that allows you publish your content and another to help get the word out and link to that blog as much as possible. If you are technically inclined, you can

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What is the right time to move on

Moving on from an organisation is scary proposition. You’re taking a leap of faith that your new organisation will be a positive experience. If you make the wrong call and leave too early you could damage your career growth. If you resign unprofessionally you will burn bridges making it harder to acquire references (we will explore this subject in

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How influential are you at work

Many of us like to think we’re important at work but exactly how important are we? Knowing where we stand is useful for several reasons. It helps build self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. It provides structure and purpose to what we do within organizations. And lastly, it assists us to develop a clearer picture of what we

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How to navigate through interview questions

Congratulations on finally making it to the interview stage! So, what now?  It is easy to believe that your good looks and charm will be all you need to get the job but should they fail, following are a few tips to help you through the interview: ​ Do as much research on the organisation as

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