Benefits of a Dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division

Benefits of a dedicated Permanent and Temporary Division: Abacus Human Capital has dedicated permanent and temporary divisions to better support the needs of both its candidates and clients. This means that if you are ever looking for a job or to identify great talent for your team, you will be able to work closely with an Abacus Human Capital representative who is better positioned … Read more

Why you should be saying yes to a recruiter.

You’ve just received a call from a recruitment agency who is offering their services to your company. They’re making bold claims about previous placement success and throwing around words like ‘exclusivity’ and ‘premium candidates’. A few questions probably start running through your mind about whether going through a recruiter when a job becomes vacant is … Read more

A Culture of Encouragement

In an increasingly tight job market, many companies who have become complacent in areas of their business are suddenly finding their staff flying out the door to pursue new opportunities in the market. Employee retention directly affects profitability and productivity in your business and is a skill that requires intentionality in building a positive and thriving workplace culture. ​ One … Read more

Balancing work, life, and play: meet Abacus Human Capital’s Director Steven Lane

Steven Lane has had a uniquely interesting career path that involves everything from landscaping in high school to working at his university’s Career Centre to eliminating missile systems in Bulgaria and Iraq. His life has followed a fascinating trajectory that ultimately led him to Australia, where he got a job with an international recruitment firm here in Brisbane. Steven worked with the … Read more