Taming your fears

The accounting field is quite obviously more left brain analytical than it is right brain creative. Crunching numbers and working across spreadsheets and various systems such as SAP or Great Plains is where Finance & Accounting professionals thrive, however there are times when public speaking might become a requirement of the job. This is particularly … Read more

Funding the right recruiter

Choosing the right recruitment specialist to support your business is a critical decision that can have a direct impact on the calibre of your team and ultimately the performance of the overall finance function.  Following several requests from key clients over the last couple of months we have decided to provide a blog to respond to … Read more

Using references correctly to hire

If you are going through the recruitment process, I can’t stress the importance of using references to support you in making the right decision. I often find many hiring managers like to use references to help validate a decision that has essentially already been made. In instances where references are used to support hiring managers … Read more

Using Your References Stragetically

If an employer has asked for your reference details, you may only be one step away from being offered your dream job. Although you have no control over exactly what your referees will say about you, there are a number of things you can do to influence the process and ensure a positive outcome: 1. … Read more

5 Great Interview Pointers

I personally find the interview process absolutely fascinating and that is probably a good thing since I work in recruitment. I love looking at the various dynamics that can influence an outcome for hiring managers and the types of things that often go wrong in interviews. I am particularly fascinated at trying to get behind … Read more