In May 2022 we surveyed our database of 30,000+ accounting and finance professionals to learn about their situation, their key drivers and what they want in a new role.

The market is moving

  • 89% of Accounting and Finance professionals in Brisbane are thinking of making a move or actively making a move.
  • At least half are open to new opportunities
  • Only 10% said they were happy in their current role

The office culture is still strong

  • Half of the people we surveyed on our database said they were working everyday in the office.
  • Less than a quarter said they were fully remote
  • A quarter were working under a hybrid model (between 1-4 days onsite in the office environment)

Hybrid is now king

  • When we asked people how many days they preferred to be in the office, the majority said between 1-4 days under a hybrid model.
  • 23% said they wanted to be onsite everyday (compared to 53% that said they were currently working under this arrangement).
  • 14.5% also said they wanted a fully remote role (again less than the 21% who said this was their current arrangement).
  • There’s a clear disconnect between work type preference and reality. Given we know only 1 in 10 Accounting and Finance professionals surveyed are happy to not entertain new roles, this represents a significant risk to organisations for retaining talent.

Most salaries have not increased

  • Most salaries have not increased in the past 12 months.
  • A third of survey respondents said they haven’t had a salary increase in at least 18 months.
  • This represents a challenge to employers trying to retain talent in their business when salary is the primary motivator for the candidate seeking out a new role.

Salary increases are modest

  • When salaries have increased, those increases were modest (between1-5%). NB: These results came from survey respondents already in roles and does not include data from those looking for a new job where salary increases are much higher. 
  • It was rare to get data from survey respondents suggesting salaries were increasing north of 10%. 

Career development is on offer

  • Two thirds of Accounting and Finance professionals surveyed said they were receiving some form of career development.
  • One way organisations can stay competitive and retain their best talent is by offering career development opportunities. Often salary is linked to years of experience, skill set and exposure to key systems so candidates must recognise the value of career development on their long term salary prospects.

You deserve the job

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Why should you partner with Abacus Human Capital?

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What could offering flexible working conditions mean for employers?

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Is your job search making you feel overwhelmed?

From speaking with our candidates, we know that looking for a job is often overwhelming. In fact, according to Seek, almost 70% of active job seekers agreed with the statement ‘looking for a job is overwhelming’.  Consequently, if you are ready for a new job but find yourself consistently procrastinating and not doing anything about it, you are not alone!

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