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Is your job search making you feel overwhelmed?

From speaking with our candidates, we know that looking for a job is often overwhelming. In fact, according to Seek, almost 70% of active job seekers agreed with the statement ‘looking for a job is overwhelming’.  Consequently, if you are ready for a new job but find yourself consistently procrastinating and not doing anything about it, you are not alone!

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Joeri and Steve at Abacus Human Capital

Are Referrals the Best Way to Hire Top Talent?

A Personalised Recruitment Service The catalyst for Steven Lane starting up Abacus Human Capital in 2009 was to provide a personalised recruitment service built around developing an in-depth understanding of our clients and candidates by listening and never pushing our own agenda. Although we aren’t able to help everyone we talk to, we work hard to provide an honest and transparent service. The ‘Human’ in our name, Abacus Human Capital, highlights that we see everyone as Human and it doesn’t matter

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Photo of the three partners at AH Jackson & Co

Special Interview with AH Jackson & Co

We have been very privileged to work with AH Jackson and Co for more than 10 years. We first engaged AH Jackson and Co for tax planning and advisory support. As we got to know each other, we were also privileged to support them with recruitment for key roles in their business. The reason they have

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Christmas in 2020… how are you doing and what can we expect? 

  Take a deep breath in.       And out.       It’s been a big year. 2020 has thrown some of the biggest curveballs to every aspect of our lives and as the year is nearing a close, some elements have returned to ‘normal’ while others remain uncertain and challenging. Now we look to Christmas in the coming weeks… so how are you feeling? We don’t know what 2021

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6 tips to make your boss want to keep you forever

Accounting and finance teams are crucial to any business, but they are only as effective as the individual employees filling those roles. So the good news is, you’re already a part of a highly valuable department to your employer.   The key question: Are you taking the steps to make yourself an indispensable part of the team?  President of Talent Zoo, Amy Hoover says, “As they say, everyone can be replaced. But to be

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