Accounting and Finance Job Trends 2024

The job market for accounting and finance professionals is constantly evolving, driven by technological advances, regulatory changes and global demands. Companies need Accountants to assist with effective financial stewardship, as well as compliance and risk management. Tax Accountants and  and …

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Are Referrals the Best Way to Hire Top Talent?

A Personalised Recruitment Service The catalyst for Steven Lane starting up Abacus Human Capital in 2009 was to provide a personalised recruitment service built around developing an in-depth understanding of our clients and candidates by listening and never pushing our own agenda. Although we aren’t able to help everyone we talk to, we work hard to provide an honest …

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6 tips to make your boss want to keep you forever

Accounting and finance teams are crucial to any business, but they are only as effective as the individual employees filling those roles. So the good news is, you’re already a part of a highly valuable department to your employer.   The key question: Are you taking the steps to make yourself an indispensable part of the team?  …

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Why We Love Recruitment

We love the recruitment process – it’s exciting, fast-paced and personable. It’s why we keep doing what we do each day. More than the rush from making the placement of an ideal candidate for the perfect client, we also actually …

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How to interview well in 2020

In many ways, we are walking into unchartered territory in the job market. We’ve recovered from recessions before, but never in a time quite like this. Many of you would have found yourselves out of a job over the last few months and now looking for employment. Others …

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